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A bit about me

It began with an addiction to go-karting, an unhealthy desire to subject myself to incomprehensible G forces and an almost perverse interest in motoring magazines. While my peers giggled about Cindy and Pamela I dreamed of Wankels. My eyes flittered across countless Countaches and Skylines filled my horizons. There was only ever one career that appealed: a professional racing driver. Sadly I didn't quite have the skills, so motoring journalism was my next best bet.

After studying English at Bristol and with a degree under arm I embarked on a stint in America, working for Ridley Scott's film production company R.S.A. Surrounded by sun drenched models, celebrities and endless amounts of cake I should have been happy; this was after all a dream job. Just not mine.

With Sinatra ringing in my ear I decided that if I could make it there, I could make it anywhere.

It took a while but eventually I broke through, landing work experience roles at Auto Express and Test Drive Magazine. This led to my full time employment as Staff Writer at Performance BMW Magazine back at the start of 2006. Years and a promotion or two later I was the resident Feature Writer, and remained as such until the start of 2010.

With some five years under my belt my passion for automotive writing got the better of me. I needed to get back behind the wheel of all manner of motor cars, provide news and new product commentary, cover global car events and shows and interview the big guns within the automotive industry. As a freelancer I can do just that.

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